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InfraPlan offers solutions supporting the rehabilitation planning of buried water and wastewater networks, as well as other assets. InfraPlan's associates have a strong combination of experiences in research and field applications in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. This has put InfraPlan in a unique position to introduce a new concept, InfraPlanSolutions, an asset management framework that incorporates the most advanced approaches and analytical models in an integrated way.

InfraPlanSoftware is the software that supports InfraPlanSolutions.

Buried infrastructure networks are often in critical condition. It is the dawn of the replacement era; extensive and substantial rehabilitation actions are required for drinking water, energy, and sewer networks. Utilities are determined not to turn over to following generations the burden of postponed investments into the vital lifelines of our human settlements. Asset Management has become a priority.

"We have about 2 million miles of pipe in this nation. If you look at what we're spending now and the investment requirements over the next twenty years, there's a $540 billion difference." - Steve Allbee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

However, the needs may surmount the financial capacities of utilities; a large portion of available budgets ends up being consumed for the most urgent repairs. Strategic rehabilitation plans are therefore needed in order to limit overall costs, and the damages and disturbances caused by degraded networks, failures and interruptions of service. Drafting systematic and strong plans requires the type of specialized tools and expertise that InfraPlan offers.

A rehabilitation plan helps managers make and justify decisions based on data. InfraPlan's use of data goes beyond a snapshot of the present situation; its approach feeds data into an integrated software in order to generate dynamic, thorough and reliable rehabilitation scenarios.

The decision process can thus evolve from being reactive, subjective or redundant to becoming proactive and factual. The results produced allow the utility to communicate more efficiently with all the stakeholders: city officials, other public works departments, regulatory agencies, and customers.

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (AWWU), Anchorage, AK.
InfraPlan started to work for AWWU in July 2011 on Economic Pipeline Replacement Models

Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), Philadelphia, PA.
InfraPlan started to work for PWD in July 2011 on Failure prediction

Park Water Co., Downey/Los Angeles, CA.
InfraPlan started to work for Park Water in October 2011 on Rehabilitation Strategies

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