infraSOFT - A new Approach


Combination of consulting and access to infraSOFT, infraPLAN's user-friendly platform

infraPLAN can conduct the studies and provide a convincing report stamped by experts in the field. Or you can use the user-friendly infraSOFT platform and conduct studies yourself.

No need to buy an expensive software

The infraSOFT platform is modular. There are 4 modules (CLEAN, STAT, PREDICT and PLAN). Use what you need when you need it.

Incremental approach from simple to advanced

Start with what you have, using generic values and a simple approach. Slowly build your data. As your data improves you can use the powerful PREDICT module of infraSOFT to project Likelihood of Failure, aging curves and Effective Useful Lives, and then design a plan that is more utility-specific, reliable and defensible using now the PLAN module.

Focus on data quality

Let's face it: asset management is about data. The better the data the more specific and defensible your plan is. We learned through our many consulting projects that data cleaning is tedious.  The CLEAN module of infraSOFT includes various innovative and powerful proprietary approaches that make that process more systematic and less time consuming. 

Focus on getting more people involved

Our infraSOFT platform is web-based , user-friendly and built outside of GIS (while closely connected to GIS). No need to be GIS literate. All interested parties can be involved; consult results; run a new planning scenario; track progress on data cleaning or analysis. infraSOFT allows for a broader sense of ownership of the planning process that leads to better data quality. 

Minimum Training

Planning tools tend to be used only a few months during the year, including by junior personnel. People forget, transfer, get promoted. There is a constant need to bring new people up to speed. The infraSOFT platform is user-friendly without sacrificing data quality and reliability of results.